Collaborate across time zones, quickly & painlessly.

Managing different time zones, branches, shifts, or departments can be challenging, but not anymore. C-PEOPLE lets you manage the overall company-related details with our company management platform that’s customised with your logo. It gives users an outclass people management software experience. Why? Because it is truly like having multiple different apps in one!

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Time Zone Management System

When your company has divisions in many different countries worldwide, it is important to be able to manage different time zones. Our time zone management system enables you to track and manage employees working in different locations. Forget the back and forth. With C-PEOPLE, you can see exactly when your day overlaps with your colleagues’, making it easy to schedule meetings at a time that works for everyone.
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No Math, No Conversions

Remote employees are used to seeing their colleagues in the group chat and team meetings. However, when multiple time zones are involved, getting people together (at the right time) isn’t always easy. C-PEOPLE takes the pain out of scheduling across time zones with built-in time zone converters.
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Customised Logo

A logo contains the individuality of the company. It helps to spread the company's message in a unique and useful way. Add a customised brand logo for your business to make the platform truly yours.
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Department Management

Streamline your interdepartmental workflow with our department management platform. Organise and manage different departments of your company and boost collaboration. It also allows employees from different divisions to easily communicate with each other.
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Teams and Shift Management

Simplify your day-to-day operations with our team and shift management system. C-PEOPLE helps you manage the various teams across all departments as well as their work shifts. With a shared calendar, team leaders can schedule and allocate tasks and track progress on them. Get the right talent scheduled for the right shift, at the right time.
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Scheduling Professionals

C-PEOPLE uses data-driven schedules to ensure the needs of the company are met, with minimised risk of understaffing, overstaffing, and unexpected overtime. Team managers can inform their decisions on staff scheduling with robust data and leverage data sources on seasonal business fluctuations, while keeping an eye on employees’ availability and skills.
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Flexibility for Hourly Employees

Hourly employees often have to juggle several jobs and personal responsibilities. Ignoring their need for schedule flexibility and transparency can result in a significant drop in engagement and, eventually, higher attrition. C-PEOPLE helps managers find a way to balance the needs of the workforce as well as the business. Don’t leave employee scheduling to chance. Use past business data and employee details to make your staffing process more strategic.
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Branch Management

Manage different locations of your company across the globe. Our branch management involves planning and scheduling the right mix of employees across the entire network throughout the day to achieve target service levels, operational efficiency, and revenue growth.
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Automated Team Scheduling

A shared calendar allows team leaders to schedule and assign tasks and monitor progress on them. We believe successful teams are master collaborators. Our quality team management software allows employees to easily communicate with each other – no matter how far apart they are geographically. Automatically fill schedules by matching the correct person with the correct shift and time slots.
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No Cookie-Cutter Rosters

Copying shift schedules from one week to the next reduces the productivity of your team and hurts your bottom line. Instead, use C-PEOPLE to tweak your schedules so they reflect the actual dynamics of your business. Shift-based workers need to know where to be and when. They need to trade shifts and request days off. And they need to do it all in real-time. That’s where C-PEOPLE’s shift management can help.
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Customisable rules and instant conflict warnings make compliance simple, even as labour laws change. Our custom rules engine ensures schedules are always compliant with federal, state, and local regulations. Plus, ensure employment laws are followed, including hours worked, break frequency, the time between shifts, and more.
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Custom Templates & Rules

Shift from copy-paste scheduling to demand-driven scheduling. By leveraging custom templates and rules specific to your unique scheduling use-case, C-PEOPLE’s forecasting and automation capabilities ensure you create the most intelligent, data-driven schedule every time, with less effort.
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Project & Team Planning

Our team management software lets you easily plan projects, assign tasks, and monitor employee workloads, and collaborate effectively with your staff. And since the app is highly visual, it’s easy to quickly view your to-do items for this week, next month, or even next year, so that no project is overlooked ever again.
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People Management

Get a bird’s eye view of your team’s work. See when people are available, how projects are moving ahead, and when you have the capacity to undertake more projects. Everything is drag-and-drop and you get a visual overview of all that’s happening, without spending hours keeping things up to date. C-PEOPLE is fast and flexible so that when your plans change, you can drag, drop, and get back to your work.
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Remote Meetings

Schedule remote team meetings without the complexity. With C-PEOPLE, you can see the time and location of every member of your remote team, without ever leaving your workspace. Stay connected and keep track of all the different time zones you work across. Integration with other business tools makes it easier for you to schedule meetings without doing mental time zone gymnastics.
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Mobile Responsiveness

Whether on desktop, mobile, or tablet, C-PEOPLE delivers the best company management experience reliably from anywhere, every time. We’ve built a platform that focuses on employee experience through a user-friendly interface and top industry-rated mobile app. Empower your employees to manage and change their schedules on the move, while giving valuable time back to schedulers and managers through seamless integrations and full visibility across all schedules.