Onboard new hires within a matter of minutes

C-PEOPLE is an all-in-one HR platform that offers a highly customisable employee onboarding software to help you make a great first impression. Now you can deliver unforgettable first-day experiences, and onboard new employees quickly and seamlessly. C-PEOPLE helps you give newcomers a great branded pre-onboarding or onboarding experience.

Job Vacancies

Documents Submission

Share required documents for the onboarding process and get them signed electronically with just a few clicks. All documents are saved under the employee’s profile in the system for easy access.
Detailed Job Openings

Paper-Free Process

Digitally send, sign, and collect onboarding documents and data before the first day. We turn documents into fillable forms with data fields you can store and report on. C-PEOPLE automates your hiring and onboarding workflow so you can welcome your new hires with a smile on the first day, instead of a stack of paperwork.
Status Tracking

Hiring & Offer Letters

Get your new hires to start off on the right foot with a completely digital, delightful hiring experience. With our employee onboarding platform, you can send a customised offer letter with an embedded e-signature. The benefits preview offers candidates a clearer view of their overall compensation and benefits package.
Recruitment Team

Email Reminders

Automate your communication with applicants and move them painlessly through the recruitment process. Send out email reminders to fill out all the necessary documents required in the pre-onboarding process.
Custom Applications

Custom Onboarding List

Create a custom onboarding list for all new hires based on their unique job roles and requirements. You can also generate reusable templates to speed up the onboarding process. We make it simple for companies to keep talent engaged throughout the employee lifecycle – including onboarding, learning, micro-surveys, and more.
Custom Applications

Automated Workflows

With C-PEOPLE’s automated workflows feature, you can guarantee an impressive first day by standardising new hire packages, training and orientation, and any other onboarding task or checklist.
Recruitment Team

Manage Onboarding Tasks

Never leave room for last-minute surprises or errors. Prepare a checklist of tasks to be accomplished during the onboarding process so that you never miss out on any important step. C-PEOPLE addresses all your talent acquisition needs to strengthen your candidate experience, efficiently manage the entire process, and shorten new hire time-to-productivity
Custom Applications

Assign Onboarding Tasks

A great digital HR onboarding process goes beyond the first day and involves several team members. With C-PEOPLE’s employee onboarding software, you can create and assign tasks, so you never miss an opportunity to create a memorable experience for your new employees.
Custom Applications

Onboarding Compliance

Filling out tons of forms for compliance can be chaotic and confusing. Our employee onboarding platform simplifies the process of verifying employment eligibility and managing deductions to ensure compliance every step of the way. From small start-ups to the world’s biggest brands, C-PEOPLE is a complete solution providing powerful features and flexibility for every stage of business growth.
Recruitment Team

Real-Time Notifications

C-PEOPLE allows the setting up of automated tasks that will send reminders to different people, ensuring that employee onboarding is a smooth process for the new hires. Send and receive real-time notifications to keep new hires, hiring managers, HR, admin, and IT departments informed.
Custom Applications

Robust Tracking

Create, manage, and track onboarding task checklist with C-PEOPLE’s pre-onboarding features. We analyse onboarding metrics such as joining date, status, and overdue tasks, and HR managers can provide real-time reports in just a few clicks.
Custom Applications

Pre-Configured Forms

C-PEOPLE’s onboarding tool supports the submission of online employment documentation from the new employees. Collect personal and professional information, such as an address, bank details, beneficiary information, dependent details, signature, and more, from the new hires via pre-configured forms.
Recruitment Team

Decrease Time-to-Productivity

Give an engaging onboarding experience through an interactive portal that has everything new employees need to start their work. With C-PEOPLE, encourage the interaction of new hires with their co-workers from day one. Our onboarding tool gives a personalised experience and helps in making new hires more prolific and involved.
Custom Applications

Onboarding Dashboard

Allow HR managers to track and review the onboarding status of new employees. View real-time employee onboarding reports at a glance. You can also create new forms to map your onboarding requirements with the help of integrated editing and data validation tools.
Custom Applications

Boost Employee Engagement

Revolutionise your new hire experience with an onboarding journey that delivers measurable results. Our mobile-friendly onboarding platform will help you create a culture of employee engagement, reduce new employee’s time-to-productivity, and de-risk staffing investments. Outcome? Devoted new employees who hit peak performance earlier and stay longer. Reinvent your recruitment strategies, automate your process, and elevate your business with C-PEOPLE’s first-class onboarding platform.