Manage & approve leave requests from any device

With C-PEOPLE’s leave tracking and management, absenteeism rates drop significantly! From annual leaves and public holidays to maternity breaks and general absences, manage all the employee time-offs to make sure your company keeps running even when your employees are on leave. C-PEOPLE helps you plan and track staff leave while decreasing your administrative workload.

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Leave Management System

Know where everyone is with our leave management system that helps you view your staff’s availability all in one place. Get clear visibility of your employees’ performance based on the holiday calendar, their work, and the leaves taken. It also allows you to quickly view the history of leave requests and make decisions regarding leave approval.
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Leave Tracker

It is essential to track employee leave patterns to monitor the amount of paid leave, sick leaves, and holiday patterns within your organisation. With C-PEOPLE, you can track all kinds of absences, vacation days, sick leaves, and even remote workdays. Set official holidays, define types of leaves, and maintain a centralised leave record. Simple approval flows ensure leaves are approved quickly and seamlessly.
Status Tracking

Leave Planner

C-PEOPLE helps businesses plan leaves and time-offs more effectively, increase transparency, and adapt staff capacity levels to work conditions. You can easily plan vacations and import official holidays with a few clicks. Automatic leave balance calculation and real-time access to data ensure employees do not take time off at the same time.
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Custom Time-Offs

Customise your time-off policies to work for specific teams or departments across the organisation. C-PEOPLE can be effortlessly configured for any business. With just a few clicks, you can alter the kinds of leave, allowances, working schedules, divisions, approvals, and whether workers take time off in days or hours.
Custom Applications

Vacation Calendar

Understand the big picture in your organisation with an overview of all working days, holidays, and planned leaves through the vacation calendar. C-PEOPLE offers a quick team overview with an annual, office, and team calendar. It also supports Google/Outlook calendar integration, helping managers to make better decisions while saving you costs, paper, and time.
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Timesheet Approval

Track and plan the work for each week and get the leaves approved by the manager with our timesheet approval policy. C-PEOPLE calendars can be accessed on your laptop, mobile, or tablet. This allows you the convenience of managing your time-offs anytime and anywhere.
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Manage Time-Offs

Manage all the time-off-related activities in one consolidated platform and plan work accordingly. Everybody in the team can see the leaves they have booked or already taken through the year. They can also view their remaining leaves. Easy workflow increases efficiency by eliminating paperwork.
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Automated Workflows

Eliminate repetitive tasks, and start using a system that automates leave management. With C-PEOPLE, gain business agility, efficiency, and effectiveness. Manage all aspects of annual leave, from automatically calculating holiday entitlements, to dealing with holiday requests, to flagging up important events on the staff calendar.
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Set Leave Policies

With custom leave types, allow your employees to work from home. C-PEOPLE also supports custom allowance per employee so you can grant different yearly days off depending on the employee’s tenure. Forget about formulas and contractual agreements as automatic accrual makes annual leave management a breeze.
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Self-Service & Paperless

C-PEOPLE allows your employees to manage their leaves as well. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and hello to paperless leave requests and empower the employees to manage their absences from start to finish.
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Secure Leave Management

Make sure everyone is following the correct leave processes –all within a password-protected system with different access levels for employees, managers, and system administrators. You can record sickness and other forms of absence, supporting staff who are absent to come back to work while keeping an eye on any developing patterns of absenteeism.
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Data-Led Business Insights

You can also add the HR documents required for management and compliance purposes so they’re recorded effectively and are accessible when you need them. Our leave management software system also provides in-depth, exportable analytics to help you make data-driven decisions.
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All-in-One Dashboard

Employees can view their leave balance and check their co-workers’ days-off while applying for leave. Supervisors and HR staff get access to employee leave balance, holiday lists, department schedule, and workforce coverage to evaluate leave requests better. C-PEOPLE doesn’t follow a one-size-fits-all mantra. We allow your staff to customise the fields to fit your organisation’s leave policies.
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At-a-Glance Reporting

C-PEOPLE includes a built-in reporting module that creates interactive reports based on the acquired data. With employee-wise and company-wide reports, organisations can easily analyse leave patterns and acquire actionable insights.