Have employee information at your fingertips 24/7

Maintain a complete database of your employee information for easy access. No need to search through different sources as everything you need is saved in a consolidated GDPR-compliant database. Stay at peace knowing that all sensitive information is kept safe and secure round the clock. Our cloud-based employee database management system helps you stay organised by syncing employee data with all your other business platforms.

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Employee Information

Collect employee information with easily customisable forms that need ZERO coding. Everything is drag-and-drop so you can get up and running quickly. Save time and give your people the power to manage their own HR requests and employee information anywhere, at any time.
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Real-Time Data Access

Employee database management is no longer limited to spreadsheets and paper files. With C-PEOPLE, your employee database becomes simpler to use and more accessible. It also ensures everyone has access to the most accurate and up-to-date information.
Status Tracking

Staff Directories

Maintain and manage employee database as a staff directory that can be accessed from anywhere, using any device. Instantly find employee information, holiday records, time-offs, sick days, and more in our centralised, secure employee directory. With an employee directory, employees can quickly find their peers’ contact information at any time. Information including designations, contact numbers, email IDs, seating details, ID numbers, and more is available.
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Org Chart

As a large organisation with multiple departments, keeping track of all employees and their job roles can be a hassle. Our Org Chart helps you keep tabs on who does what in the company. Add detailed information of every employee including their personal data, position-specific particulars, and compensation details.
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Accessibility & Reporting

Our employee database management software helps business owners and HR managers monitor and update employee and company information within an accessible yet secure system. Plus, self-service and reporting features help you save time on keeping everything updated and making data-driven business decisions.
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Centralised Database

C-PEOPLE’s centralised database allows you to organise and manage all the employee data from a single platform. You can easily track the Leaves, Attendances, Timesheets, Appraisals, Expenses, and more from a user-friendly dashboard. Keep the log of the employee lifecycle and observe the improvements in your workforce over time with our employee database management system.
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Store HR Documents

Efficiently store and manage employee documents like certificates, passports, licenses, bond documents, etc. digitally. Get notified when such documents expire or reach their limit.
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Track Employees Faster

C-PEOPLE is designed with convenience in mind. Add new employees in simple steps. Update or modify details easily. Filter and track your workers faster. C-PEOPLE saves you from the hassle of manually going through tons of spreadsheets or papers to locate an employee’s information.
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Employee Lifecycle

Keep the log of employee work history in your organisation for better understanding and analysis of employee performance. From hiring to retiring, different roles and responsibilities they’ve taken, appraisals they’ve experienced, and other stages of employment, keep everything systematically and easily accessible for every employee in your company.
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Bulk-Update Details

Along with viewing individual employee files, you can also make changes to information across your organisation using C-PEOPLE. With the bulk data management feature, it’s easy to update company and staff information such as job titles, departments and locations, and contact details.
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Security & Compliance

C-PEOPLE is a highly secure HR software system with robust security capabilities. The system can help you ensure your employee database is protected and only accessible to the right people. Having all your information in one central place also makes it easier to remain compliant with employment law, as you retain vital employee information within one system.
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Self-service HR database

Our employee self-service features make it easier for everyone to manage and update their own information in the staff database. Employees can ensure their details are up to date to save you time on updating everyone’s records and chasing for information. You can choose which details are editable and receive notifications of any changes to make sure everything is accurate.
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Business Insights

C-PEOPLE’s cloud-based employee database makes it easier for HR teams to use employee information for business management progress. The HR reporting tools within C-PEOPLE empower you to make data-driven decisions by accessing the wealth of information your employee database software holds.
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Better Productivity

Maintaining employee information in spreadsheets or on paper reduces the efficiency of your organisation. With C-PEOPLE’s employee database management system, all the essential data is just a click away. Streamline routine tasks associated with this data and get more energy and time to focus on other initiatives.
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Decreased HR Workload

If your organisation has a global presence, different employee records regarding their different countries can be stored in a central location. This way, C-PEOPLE improves the efficiency of the overall process and decreases the workload for HR. Everybody can collaborate effectively, even while working remotely. This improved communication will lead to better idea generation in your business.